F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions.

What we’re asked the most.

Here is a list of questions that we are asked very often and to save time, hopefully this will provide you with an answer.
What type of projects will you work on?
While we try to offer services to a broad range of clientele, we do not bid on projects that consist of any pornographic imagery.  We will examine every project to make sure it meets our guidelines of ethics before proceeding forward. 
What can I expect?
When using Digital Hyper to create your next commercial/video/film, we strive to give all our clients quality.  While we are doing so, our expectations for clients are the same.  Important up front communication as to what the expectations are, will lead to quality products in the end.
How long will it take?
Every project is different.  We are often asked how long a 30 second spot may take, well let’s examine some different situations.  Client A comes in with the idea of creating a 30 second spot, which consist of footage and some graphic overlays.  Client B comes in asking for character animation with some deep levels of animation for a 30 second spot.  The difference in labor for each project has a huge effect on time.  Where Client A comes in with footage and graphic overlay needs could take anywhere from one day to to even a week, Client B could take up a whole month or more.
How much will it cost?
Price varies in the type of project you need.  Not every 30 second spot cost the same, due to the levels of detail that go into each project.  Not only that, some clients may not even be prepared with any initial script, so there is possibly the chance that Digital Hyper may need to help with scripting/storyboarding and possibly a production shoot.  Most of our projects consist of needing a script so we can figure out budget, then an approved storyboard to execute the project.
What about changes to a project?
While we do everything we can up front to make sure we have everything scripted and storyboarded out, there are times when changes are needed.  Every change is evaluated to see if we need to do a change order or not.  While a text fix is one thing, a complete change in shot after completion can be time consuming on our part and therefore can cause us to spend way more time than we had initially budgeted.
How do we hire you?
You just send us an email to give us a brief of your project first, so we can evaluate it and determine if we fit your needs.  You can also call us at 803-389-0133 and reach Jamie Byers to go over project specs as well.  Getting inquiries like, how much is a 30 second spot will not land you a good quote, as we can say it cost between $1500 – $1million or more.  Every project has to have a scope, just like any house you build.  If you ask a builder how much a house cost, he can give you a range from a small family home up to a mansion.  To respect everyones time, we just ask that you take a moment to really figure out what you need.
I'm new at this and don't understand how to proceed.
Whether your seasoned at this or just getting started, we can help guide you in the proper steps in getting your project done.  You may not have a script to even start with, or you could have writing skills, but don’t understand how to get that idea visually on paper.  That’s where we come in, we can sit down with you and have a brain storm session on the flow and style of your project.
What about payment?
Everyone needs to get paid, and our typical agreement is a 50% down payment to get the project rolling.  Once the project is finished, we ask for the other 50% along with any additional charges that may have come from change orders during the project.
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