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Good Digital Tutors Article on 3D Production

After fiddling around online looking up 3D pipelines, I ran across this article explaining the actual process.

3D Pipeline

This is a very informative article and it really explains the process well.  As a generalist, I can do most of these jobs, but I can’t say I excel at all of them.  While I do a good job creating 3D animations, without the budgets to support a team of creatives that possess the expertise in each category, the job usual gets rushed.  Sometimes clients will allow enough time for me to take on each role and do a decent job.  So, I possess the knowledge and know-how to do these jobs and do them decently, but bigger budgets produce better results in the end.  I personally love the challenge of each role represented in the article, except for rigging.  I don’t mind rigging simple things or mechanical objects, but characters really need nice rigs to produce good animation.