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Noah Movie

I’m a Christian and have been most of my life.  I also work within the industry creating animations and visual fx for projects of all sorts.  I decided to go see the Noah movie and I knew from the start it wasn’t fully biblical.  I also have heard many say the director is an atheist.  With that said, I enjoyed the movie and yes it was hard to get over some of the non-Biblical additions to the story, but instead of seeing this as a Bible based story, I just viewed it as another movie.  I really want to focus my attention on the effects in the movie.

I was very impressed with the huge crowd simulations of the animals and definitely the water.  The Watchers on the other hand, while they were pretty decent, they had a funny animated style to them.  They gave me a vibe of almost like stop motion.  I only read a little behind the scenes stuff here at fxguide.. I didn’t read it all., so I am unsure what process they used and style they wanted when doing this.  There were a few shots in the movie that didn’t go over as well.. one being the green snake shot.  But overall, it wasn’t that bad.  I am known to appreciate the hard work that goes into a movie instead of criticizing the stories too much.  There are some really bad movies out there, but this one was decent in my opinion.  Again, I had to pull myself out of the thought of this being Biblical and just enjoy the suspense and visual fx of the movie.

I’m not very fond of the evolution idea, but the way they pulled it off in Noah, was impressive.  Again, I look at the visuals and try to ignore an atheist point of view.  From a visual fx standpoint, ILM did a great job.  If you want a better story.. watch Evan Almighty.