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Digital Hyper Studios offers Award winning animation services, as they have won many awards from the Telly’s, Addy’s, Communicator Awards and Promax/BDA award. Digital Hyper offer services in the animation realm creating commercials, show packages, visual effects, web presentations and much more. So, if your in the marketing department, an agency or another post production facility needing assistance, the Digital Hyper can help.  Have a look below to see the skill sets.

Since the beginning of Digital Hyper Studios LLC, Jamie Byers has excelled with years of experience using 3ds Max as a tool for 3D animation work.  Jamie realized his passion by discovering 3DS Max in the early days of 1999.  Just like any great artist, he dove right in creating stuff that would not stand in today’s animation market.  Jamie spent hours and late nights learning and growing his skills to begin his career as a generalist.  Let’s face it, in the South, especially South Carolina, the opportunities to thrive as just a modeler, texture artist or lighting artist can be difficult.  Jamie learned quick through networking with local post production houses that he couldn’t just settle in doing one task, he had to learn most all task within the 3D pipeline.  Since the time of starting his own company Digital Hyper Studios LLC, he has worked with other post production houses, as well as direct with clients and agencies on projects that called for his talents utilizing 3DS Max.  Along with the vast array of skills using Autodesk 3DS Max, Jamie has come to love using Vray as his primary rendering solution.  With these tools, Jamie has been able to create awesome work that includes product modeling, corporate videos as well as character animation.

Digital Hyper can help with: 3D Modeling, UV’s and Texturing, Texture conversion, Lighting in Vray, Animation, Character Animation and Rendering within 3DS Max. Digital Hyper does have legal commercial licenses of this software.

Digital Hyper has an array of skills that compliment the 3D skills.  After Effects has been one of Jamie’s most used tools over the years to create motion graphic videos and for compositing effects for commercials.  Jamie began his first career job at a television station and picked up his After Effects skills there.  It first started as a tool to take the rendered images from 3D and output with effects and sound, to creating complete animation projects with it.  While there are tools out there for compositing such as Nuke, Jamie chose the path of using After Effects to composite for some high end commercials.  This tool has allowed Jamie to be a big part of commercial pipelines as well as work with many different clients to create animated videos for many different uses.  Jamie has found with his generalist skills that with After Effects and 3DS Max, the sky is the limit.

Digital Hyper can help with: Motion Graphics, Character Animation and Compositing with After Effects.

Digital Hyper Studios LLC would not be complete without Moho.  Moho has to be one of the coolest programs Jamie has used for cartoon work.  Since the beginning of his career, Jamie first used Moho, before Smith Micro purchased it renaming it to Anime Studio Pro and back to Moho.  Jamie loved this program then, but loves it even more now.  This tool has been pushed to the top of the list to enhance Jamie’s generalist skills.  Jamie has been able to use it in cartoon animations used for commercial purposes.  To name a few, Digital Hyper has created a few recent pieces with it, such as, “Ray’s Splash Planet Commercial”, “Cardinal Innovations and Quitline NC Web Promotion”, “Sam’s Xpress Carwash” and soon to be more.

Digital Hyper can help with: Scene Setups, Rigging, Character Animation and Motion Graphics within Moho.

Digital Hyper Studios LLC also offers services utilizing Mocha Pro for rotoscoping and 2d tracking.  Jamie has not only helped other studios do cleanup on shots, but has had a few independent films that allowed him and his team to track, roto and do replacements using Mocha Pro.  While After Effects tracking can be good at times, Mocha does the job of getting better tracks and cleaner roto.

Digital Hyper can help with: 2D tracking, Rotoscoping and clean-up within Mocha Pro.

Digital Hyper Studios LLC also offers sculpting in Mudbox.  Mudbox has become a tool to create more realistic models, especially for characters.  The workflow between 3DS Max and Mudbox are pretty seamless.  Texturing in Mudbox has also become a great use with this tool.  While Mudbox is a nice tool, Jamie does plan to add Zbrush to the mix, but currently does not offer Zbrush services.

Digital Hyper can help with: Sculpting and Texturing within MudBox.

Digital Hyper Studios LLC has always used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere for asset creation and editing.  Without these tools, a generalist could not be complete.  Jamie has used these tools since the beginning creating textures for 3DS Max, vector art for After Effects and editing footage.

Digital Hyper can help with: Asset creation and editing within Adobe Suite.

Digital Hyper Studios LLC offers a big screen experience to view your finished projects. Digital Hyper welcomes clients to come into the studio for a fun experience.  It’s definitely a cool place to watch your final product before distribution.


Digital Hyper Studios LLC has partnered with Joe Miller to offer in house audio sessions that will take the quality of your video to a new level. Joe offers Package solutions for custom music, sound design, and broadcast ready post-audio. All services listed have professional credits and references available. Rates Cards and Estimates upon request. Check out for more info.
  • Film Scoring
  • Jingles or Beds for Advertising
  • Music for Games
  • Production/Arranging
  • Creative Sound Design
  • 5.1 mixing, broadcast/theater
  • Noise Reduction
  • Location Recording
  • and much more