Jamie Byers has over 15 years of experience after his start back in late 1999. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a career. After attending York Technical College studying engineering graphics and landing a job as a draftsman, he quickly realized his real dream. The animation world was fascinating and Jamie pursued learning 3DS Max and Moho. In early 2000, He began his path in the freelance market. He attended Art Institute of Charlotte where he graduated with an associates degree in Multimedia and Web Design.

He began work during his college days at Fox Charlotte as a part-time camera guy and graphics between live sessions. It didn’t take long before Fox hired him on full-time as a motion graphics artist. That path was the start for Jamie, where he ended up working for INSP, Steelroots, Snap 5 and Limerick Studios. Jamie went from the early days of freelancing for almost nothing, to a lead animator at Limerick studios within the first 6 years of his career. He went on to start Digital Hyper Studios as a part-time freelance company on the side in 2005 which turned into a full-time job in 2007. Since then, Digital Hyper has won numerous awards and has grown in size. Jamie says “I give all credit to the Lord himself, because without Jesus Christ leading my life, I couldn’t have made it this far.” He continues to pursue this passion working on projects that range from web commercials, broadcast to visual effects in film.

Wes Cloninger has over 5 years of experience in video production. After attending York Technical College, Wes started his career in the hotel industry. He then worked his way into the IT industry, where he’s worked for several large companies, including Atlas Copco and US Foods where he’s held several regional IT positions. He’s always had a passion for technology. In 2009, he began working for Digital Hyper Studios as part time editor. He began doing more in the video production business, like shooting and producing. In 2013, the business grew and split up to branch off the video production side, Fiberlair Productions. Fiberlair is a Charlotte Video Production Company, located near Charlotte NC. Wes resides in Fort Mill and is married to his wife, Ashley and has one daughter, Juliana.

Joseph Patrick Miller is a lifelong musician. He works as a guitarist, a film score composer, and audio engineer….. sometimes he’s lucky enough to do all that at the same time! Joe’s music has been used in award winning films, television series, broadcast commercials, video games and other media. His focus is creating an immersive experience for audiences. Regardless of the medium: Film, Games, Web, or just Music… it’s about collaborating with others and the challenge of affecting people. Since scoring his first film, Joe has been heavily addicted to the process, craft, and art of scoring to picture.
The guitar is Joe’s original obsession. Much of his early musical background involved a six-string and a pick. He performs throughout the region at private events and public venues. Early in life performing in hard rock and metal bands, and later playing Swing, Hardbop, Fusion, Funk and Blues. Joe studied jazz guitar in college earning a Bachelors in Music (Jazz Guitar Performance) and later received a Masters in Music Technology on the guitar graduate assistantship. Recently Joe has adopted interests in Bluegrass, Country Blues, and other natural acoustic sounds. Along with music, Joe has a passion for audio and interesting sounds. This passion is applied when mixing films or music, and when designing sound effects for visual images. Condenser vs. dynamic, synthesis techniques, digital audio formats, spectral editing, stepped attenuators, binary diffusors, et al…. These are things that interest Joe. Joe has partnered with Digital Hyper to offer quality audio to compliment the awesome video projects they create.

Abbie Byers started her career as a medical laboratory technician. She gained valuable skills handling orders, paper work and working with patients. During the six years as an MLT, she gained incredible organization skills. She left that career to be a stay at home mom. Over the last 7 years, she started a new career not only as a mom, but as Digital Hyper’s accountant. She began working with Quickbooks soon after Digital Hyper started, and has done an excellent job keeping up with the day to day billing and organizing the books. Abbie has been vital to the business not only handling the books, but also handling payroll and making sure Digital Hyper has everything it needs to be successful.